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Tuesday Photo: season



Results came out today, and as always, armed with the capacity to surprise. Overall, not too bad, not too good. Certainly I did worse for a couple of subjects than I thought I would, but the real surprise came in a B-. I thought I would have done significantly better for that.

I did okay for all the subjects I thought I had a real shot at. I had an A+, which was unusual, and it came in a subject that I didn’t expect to get an A+ for. Sociology, that is. I’ve never ever done Sociology before, and I wasn’t starting from the basics, and through the thing I was always aware that I found it slanting towards the challenging side, so it was really unexpected.

I didn’t screw up Literature, which was a kind of a perverse relief, I guess. I mean, it basically has no bearing on my work, but you can’t help relating the two somehow.

In all, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed, but just a little bit. It’s because I had a tiny good feeling coming from two of the subjects, but they evaporated almost instantaneously when the results showed up. Still, at least I didn’t goof too awfully. It just wasn’t as good as I had hoped for it to be, even if realistically my expectations weren’t too high.

On a side note, it wasn’t all that vexing checking the results this year, so I must congratulate the NUS IT department for apparently fixing things up properly.



Sometimes, the correct word doesn’t hit you until many days later. Even the simplest words. Jar. I was looking for a jar. Not a bottle, or a flask. A jar. Found it too.


Thursday Photo: simply red

simply red

Unscheduled Downtime

So here is a post where I’m actually very sleepy. It wasn’t supposed to show up now, but there were some technical problems that I believe the Web Walrus has fixed. I mean, who else could have done such miraculous work? We were actually back up about 24 hours ago, I think, but I was out the whole day and didn’t get back to it until, well, now.

I’m very tired now. It is a good time to sleep. Particularly because I need to get up early tomorrow despite it being a public holiday. Of course, every time I say something like this, it means I probably won’t be sleeping any time soon.

Today was a particularly hot day. That is, even for our sunny country. I guess I picked the wrong day to have a rest. While I was doing my laces before leaving the house, I’d already begun to sweat. And of all things, I had to spend the whole day outside, walking in the open quite a bit too.

This looks like a busy weekend, and I’m not sure how much work I’m going to get done, but I’d expected weeks like this. It’s why I don’t feel particularly good about myself whenever I seem to be cutting into bonus territory. Typically it ends up being a sort of buffer for days like these.

The book club is… hmm, it’s probably too early to tell. I have cause for optimism and also cause for pessimism. I think we’ll see in a week or two.

I’m not particularly tired now, but judging by the structure of this post, my brain is already working out of order. Just let me ramble for a tiny bit more.

It was nice to see all of those friends today. Sure beats the typical stay-at-your-desk day, but it can’t happen every day. Partly because I need to work. Partly because they need to work. And partly because we would really get sick of one another.

I want to drop by at IKEA and get one of those glass oh wait I think I’ve mentioned this before.

Results are coming out on Monday. Exciting times, these. I don’t really know what to expect, particularly because NUS results days are like a whole season of 24.

Finally, I want to say that I just finished Flowers For Algernon, one of my first loves, for the second time. I think I look at it very differently now, though. I also bought a book for two dollars yesterday. It’s a second-hand (third? fourth? fifth?) copy of Imre Kert├ęsz’s Fatelessness.

Okay, I’m done for the night.


Tuesday Photo: velvet


Link Rojak!

It’s been a while since I did one of these.

Christopher Uminga renders your superheroes in his adorable fashion. [via WildAmmo.com]

Oh I suppose it’s been a couple of days now, but happy birthday, The Empire Strikes Back! [via Wikipedia]

“i am merely giving you your problem” [via pictures for sad children]

Why is Middlesex University philosophy department closing? [via The Guardian]

Vernon Lott makes a documentary on Bad Writing. [via The Book Bench]

The Singapore navy is testing a remote-controlled, mine-hunting vessel. Go, Singapore! [via PhysOrg]

On A High Wind In Jamaica. [via The Millions]

Inter Milan (and Jose Mourinho) win the Champions League. [via ESPNsoccernet]

Marco Benevento has a new album, and here’s a nice article about it. [via Hidden Track]

Dinner plates with useful graphs about global food consumption. (Including fresh water consumption.) [via Josh Spear]

All right, that’s it for today. Have an excellent Monday, everyone!



Happy 30th birthday, Pac-Man!


Saturday Photo: the only rose

the only rose

Needs a break.

Chain Contingency

I need to do something different. One of these days, I always tell myself. One of these days. Then the next day comes and I’m right back at work, no variations, no weekends, nothing. Just work, work, work. (Not having weekends is actually nothing horrible except that it distorts your idea of the week.) It’s actually all going quite okay, but I’m afraid that it’ll affect me sooner or later, so I better get a contingency planned soon.

Diary of a Bad Ear

Meanwhile, I picked up a ear infection. The last time I had one, I was still in primary school. It was about the time we went for a sea cruise. I remember a few sadist doctors doing very mean things on my ear, such as attempting to wash it with a water jet. One of the specialists eventually (and I do mean eventually) came to my rescue with antibiotic eardrops. I’ve got those this time again and it doesn’t seem as serious this time. Fingers crossed.


Oh dear, results will be in in a week and a half. I suppose there’s nothing that I should be worrying about, but you can never really tell, can you? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in NUS, it’s that results have a tendency to surprise you. On a lighter note, I’ve tried not to spend my money on anything in this couple of weeks (and the one to follow) both because of the GSS and also because it’ll be nice to be able to buy myself a little something if my results turn out okay. I’m thinking something to do with clothes, though I haven’t made up my mind yet.


These are exciting times. The book club officially begins life on Monday. I don’t know if it’ll work. I can’t remember the last time I was so uncertain about any such enterprise, but let’s keep it positive, optimistic, and whatnot. I think it might stand a chance, but all I really can do is to make sure I do my job well as the proprietor. The rest of it will of course depend on the club roster. But it looks okay. I think it’ll be okay. Please be okay.